About: Desi Vino’s mission aspires to reshape the perception of canned wines. In a realm often associated with exclusivity and tradition, Desi Vino dares to be different, welcoming wine lovers from diverse backgrounds to revel in its inclusive and exciting offerings.

Concept: I don’t know about you but I grew up in a ‘no waste household’ which meant whatever was on your plate needed to be finished- no excuses. For someone with a small appetite, that does not bode well. I would never reach for a can of sofa because I was concerned with not being able to finish it. While I did not want to waste the soda, having a flat, stale drink is less than appealing. Naturally, I missed out on the soda craze that everyone seems to be talking about.

Desi Vino for me is a concept that originates from that FOMO, combined with my love for vibrant colours that stick out in a crowd. When I came across a resealable water can in a cafeteria one day I knew I had to design a concept brand. I wanted to embody those values I had growing up and also create something that lasts a little while longer – and contribute to a no waste, great taste world. I wanted the design to be bold, catchy, colourful and playful while embodying styles from Indian art and culture.

Solution: No longer bound by the restrictions of time and consumption, Desi Vino’s Resealable Tab grants the freedom to relish the moment, preserving the wine’s integrity. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a social gathering, or an intimate evening at home, Desi Vino ensures that each sip is as fresh and delightful as the first.