Helchin Flour



Factors such as dimensions, color, weight and nature of the product are very important in the design of food product packaging

The design of flour packaging should be done and implemented in such a way that the customer can choose from dozens of similar products on the shelf of your brand store and show the packaging of the product in a standard and high-quality way.

Foods that are small grains and there is a possibility of penetration or spoilage in these products, in the design of its packaging, attention should be paid to points such as the selection of impermeable material and optimal form, so that in addition to protecting the product, it has sufficient beauty and efficiency.

Another point that we observed in the design of this packaging is to observe the harmony and color coherence between the image, graphic elements and the font of the packaging so that in addition to the completeness of the information and the clarity of the intended purpose to the audience, there is a sense of crowding and confusion in the design of this package. Bandi will disappear

Also, placing a picture of the delicious and tempting output of Helchin flour will attract the audience to buy this product

Experience has shown that before reading this, people see that, for example, a person who decides to buy wheat flour, in the design of wheat flour packaging, first pays attention to the image of wheat and then to the text, which we have paid attention to in the design of this product.

Then, keeping in mind the importance of the customer’s role and experience in using Helchain products, as well as showing the distinction of this brand among its competitors, the packaging design has been done and has had a positive effect on the sales of this brand.