Design Global – Distillerie Castan


Artisan distiller for 3 generations in Occitania. Expertise passed down from father to son.

The history of Distillerie Castan is closely intertwined with that of the family. It all began with the grandfather, Gilbert, followed by the father, and today, the tradition is carried on by the son. At the heart of this story lies an old red copper still dating back to 1929, which accompanied Grandfather Gilbert on his travels throughout the Tarn, producing smooth and refined spirits.

Produced by Sébastian Castan Vilanova, it’s a French whisky, the third generation from an artisanal distillery. The distillery’s hallmark is producing only single cask whiskies with unique characteristics. Crafted with artisanal methods, Vilanova is an excellent French whisky.

We were tasked with reimagining the brand identity of Distillerie Castan, as well as that of its Vilanova whisky range.

Distillerie Castan Identity:
Creation of a crest representing all the strong points of the house.

The crest’s shape reflects the Occitania Region’s coat of arms.

Highlighting the barley culture. Farm and distillery. Barley is cultivated by the Castan family on ancestral lands.

The significance of water: The distillery draws water from a depth of 110 meters, sourced from a natural spring that imparts Vilanova whisky with its distinctive character and taste.

Aging: The Vilanova range offers various aging processes: in ex-white wine casks and French oak, as well as ex-red wine casks and French oak.

Vilanova Whisky Range Packaging Identity:
To emphasize the strengths of this range, we chose black and white photographs that tell the brand’s story, combined with colorful and modern graphics representing the new generation.

  • Berbie: The first Single Malt distilled by Distillerie Castan. (photo of barley cultivated by the family)
  • Gost: A unique edition aged in ex-Bourbon casks. (photo of the barrel)
  • Roja: The heart of this story lies in an old red copper still. (photo of the still)
  • Terrocita: Referencing the region’s land. (photo of the region)
  • Argile: Reminiscent of Occitania’s clayey soil and the use of spring water. (photo of the spring)
  • Gilbert: Collection #1 is the result of a blend of historic casks, carefully selected from the finest signatures, aged in the distillery’s cellars. A tribute to the founder of the distillery, Gilbert Castan.


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