INYC Skincare Packaging & Branding


Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

INYC is a skin care brand for young and bright teenagers. The brand’s name is short for “I’m New Youthful and Confident”, which symbolizes youthfulness and confidence. INYC emphasizes the natural and attractive beauty of young people. The brand was created to help teens love themselves and believe in themselves, highlighting the importance of skin care through whitening and acne skin care products.

INYC provides the highest quality products for the skin of teenagers, and uses natural ingredients and innovative technologies to present healthy, bright, and radiant beauty to the skin without irritation. The brand values adolescent skin health and helps young people discover their beauty and boost their self-confidence. INYC’s products are developed to suit the skin of teenagers and emphasize a fresh and attractive image.

“The secret of youth and beauty, shine with INYC!”