Lambron Castle
Blended Whiskey

Task: Our task in developing the packaging of the Armenian whiskey line was to create a modern branding that goes back to a distant history. Lambron Castle was founded in XI and turned out to be the ancestral fortress of the Armenian royal density of the Hethumids, the structure was based on the heraldry of the princely house of Lambron.

Idea: The name of the whiskey is Lambron Castle. This is a real-life Armenian castle, the history of which dates back to the 11th century. It was the history that formed the basis of branding: the coat of arms of the princely house of Lambron, a knightly pennant, a brief historical background. At the same time, the packaging design looks modern – we deliberately did not use gothic fonts, choosing the actual grotesque.

The packaging concept is a bottle wrapped in a pennant. The central design element – the logo in the form of a heraldic lion (the coat of arms of the house of Lambron) – occurs twice: directly on the pennant label, occupying the upper third of the bottle, and on the collar.

The central zone of the label contains information about the product: degree of purification, blend, aging, strength and volume. It also provides a brief historical background about Lambron Castle. The handwritten “The legendary” lettering works to create a sense of quality that has stood the test of time.

The color differentiation of the labels indicates exposure. The lightest (yellow) color corresponds to 3 years of exposure, the darkest (black) – 8 years.

The design of the pennants uses a pattern with a straight heraldic cross, made in a darker or lighter shade of the main color.

Whiskey is a noble strong alcoholic drink. The Lambron Castle line includes drinks of different aging – 3, 5 and 8 years. This is a blended, triple distilled whisky.

Curator’s Insight

Imagine this: the bottle wrapped in a pennant as if the whiskey is a precious gem, cradled by the hands of history. The logo, that grand heraldic lion, like a regal stamp protecting its story, pops up on the pennant label and stands tall in the top part of the bottle holding its head high on the collar. I feel that it’s like the very essence of Lambron Castle giving each angle a warm embrace.