Minotauro Energy Drink by Empathy Company


São Paulo, SP, Brasil


Minotauro Energy Drink gained strength and attitude with the new illustration on its label. Everyone knows the Minotaur’s story of courage. Thus, his image needed to gain greater prominence to jump off the shelf. The previous packaging was very poor and devalued the product. We developed a digital painting based on several photos and sketches that brought the Minotaur to life. Thus, the illustration brought the moment of explosion, the determination, and the expression that refers to something that motivates us. An invitation to face life head-on.

What is the project?

Minotauro Energy Drink had a standard PET bottle with a fragile label, which formed bubbles and tore at the POS. In the photo, Minotauro was wearing a kimono, which is different from the image of his fights. The redesign was complete. New waisted bottle, a more resistant sleeve label, and, the main thing, an artistic illustration that is a pure explosion of energy and strength. The concept of fighting extrapolated the sport to represent the day-to-day struggle, the cry of overcoming limits.

What’s the point?

The objective was to transmit Minotauro’s champion attitude and to face new challenges and multiple opponents. We artistically captured the exact moment of energy and the cry of strength and joy. A detail that also made a lot of difference in the project was our decision to divide the coat of arms that represents the brand in half, expanding its meaning and incorporating the two twin brothers, Minotauro and Minotouro, into this brand.


The illustration jumps off the shelf. The choice of a single front, where the packages, even if rotated, complete each other, gave greater scope to the POS exposure. The success of this relaunch was so great that the traditional product gained four more flavors in the 2-liter presentation and five flavors in cans for individual consumption. Whether or not a sportsman, the consumer needs energy and disposition to face the day-to-day, the heat, work, traffic, the party, or a late night. The strength of the Minotauro image and name inspires and gives the necessary endorsement to product experimentation. Then, take it and go to the fight!