“WHOA,” now that’s what I call design: DS1 branding agency has completed rebranding “RK Euro Prestige” bags

The task and the brand

“RK Euro Prestige,” LLC, a company engaged in developing groceries, diet foods, and baked goods under the “OGO!” (translates as “WHOA!”) trademark, well known in Russia and the CIS states, has existed in the Russian market since 2002. Dry breakfasts, oatmeals, loaves, bran, and many other foods are issued under the “OGO!” brand as well.

“RK Euro Prestige” turned to DS1 Branding agency to refresh its image and positioning. There was an understanding that the packaging had to be rendered more relevant and it had to take on a unique character that would catch people’s eye. It wasn’t clear to potential consumers what the “OGO!” brand was all about. It was important to create and communicate the main idea of it which would unify all the products and the value it brings to the consumer.

DS1 was also faced with the task of developing a system of design and differentiation for all the “OGO!” products. So that the consumer could recognize their favorite brand right away and quickly gain a good grasp of the product range that  it offers.


The groceries and baked goods sector accounts for about a quarter of the entire nutrition market and, thus, is characterized by a high level of domestic competition: factories alone in Russia amount to over five hundred. So one must pay special attention to what the product looks like on the shelf next to the competitors surrounding it.

It was important for the creators of “OGO!” to maintain the already existing theme of the jolly cakeman, but breathe new life into him and add in new meaning, while observing all their already established traditions.

This cakeman, already widely famous, who looks down on us from the shelves of “Lenta,” “Magnit,” and other popular supermarket chains, had to transform under the new realities and answer to consumer demands.

What is cakeman talking about with the consumer? What is the “OGO!” brand all about?

This brand is warming and straightforward to everyone who grew up on fairytales. Using a bubble, a graphic speech image, the cakeman comes across as saying, “OGO! (“WHOA!”), Give me a try!”. This visual solution facilitates somewhat of a “dialog” with the consumer. These bubbles repeat the style of the logo and may easily adapt to various categories of products.

The design combines soft shapes and bright colors that distinguish the product, red and yellow, a pattern familiar from childhood. And this was embedded in the product’s new vision. The character of the brand is jolly and homey, meanwhile still remaining affordable, simple, and egalitarian.

DS1 agency completed the following steps for the rebranding of “OGO!”

  1. A study and analysis of the market, its competitive environment, the consumer, and category trends..
  2. Positioning development
  3. Development of a visual identity and design system
  4. Creation of an original packaging concept
  5. Adaptation of the design for categories and within categories
  6. Creating a guideline

Svetlana Klupinska, DS1 creative director: 

Upon the conclusion of our project together, “OGO!” had a brand new ring to it. We used the “Everyman” archetype in our work. This image perfectly combines with the product’s features – a simple, straightforward, traditional product range and ingredients. It underscores openness and colorfulness. That is also expressed in the brand’s democratic price positioning. The visual image we ended up with expanded the target audience. Previously, the package was perceived as traditional for an older customer. Now the design is just as straightforward, attractive, and relevant for a young target audience, smart shoppers, millennials, and zoomers.


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