Wookies is an FMCG brand with a PAN India presence, proudly manufactured in Mumbai, India. With a flawless taste and unwavering trust in its quality, Wookies aims to offer a gourmet experience globally. Medea delivered full-scale comprehensive branding and design solutions to Wookies, encapsulating the essence of the brand in every detail, from inception to its packaging. Strategically crafted for the retail ecosystem, the fresh 100gm and 200gms Wookies packages have seamlessly secured their spots on store aisles. Drawing inspiration from consumer preferences, we heightened its visual charm with a fusion of radiant colors, assertive sans-serif typography, and distinctive 3D product visuals.

Visual 3D Representation of Products

To craft an engrossing storyline, we seamlessly incorporated lifelike 3D visuals of the cookies. Meticulously conceptualised, these visuals were intended to elevate not only the packaging’s visual appeal but also the sensory interaction when consumers engage with the product in a retail setting. Our utmost priority was to ensure the seamless integration of these true-to-life 3D images within the overarching design, ultimately enhancing the user journey and fostering a sincere connection between the consumer and the product.

Color Palette

The palette, bursting with vitality and exuberance, was carefully curated to magnetize and stir consumers’ emotions. Our design philosophy embraces the “von Restorff effect”, making certain that elements splashed with our chosen vibrant colors stand out and etch themselves in memory.

The Brand Identity

Central to all Wookies tins, the brand identity stands resolute. The three circles within Wookies symbolize “wholeness.” Each circle signifies a different facet: the mind-body, the breath-body, and the intelligence-body, all nourished by food. “Omne trium perfectum,” the Latin adage, resonates—threefold aspects embody perfection. These circles encapsulate various dimensions of wholeness, woven together by the nourishment provided by Wookies.

The Typeface

An assertive sans-serif typeface was selected, ensuring the product’s name or crucial message is instantly recognizable, even from a distance. This proves pivotal within the retail environment, where products vie for prominence on crowded shelves. When juxtaposed with other design components, such as intricate graphics and vibrant color palettes, these bold sans-serif typefaces introduce a dramatic contrast, infusing depth and dynamism into Wookies’ comprehensive packaging design.

Packaging Technique

As part of the printing process, the MET-PET technique, utilizing Metalized Polyethylene Terephthalate, was embraced. This technique imparted a glossy texture to the packaging, while touches of gold hot-stamping were added to confer opulent detailing to the packaging—a testament to its decadent essence.