We took on the exciting challenge of developing our own wine brand from the ground up. This passion project allowed us to extend our skills beyond client work and experience the full brand creation process first-hand. We collaborated hand-in-hand with a skilled winemaker to blend our designer imagination with real-world wine expertise.

Selecting the ideal grapes and blend was important to produce a wine that reflected our agency’s values and aesthetics. We explored variations to hone in on the perfect balance of taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. Experimenting through the production process gave us valuable insight that now helps us better guide clients. Crafting the brand identity was a labor of love, designing a label and collateral we felt truly represented our new wine’s personality.

Launching our owned brand was incredibly rewarding, the ability to intimately understand the entire wine branding journey from vine to design benefits our work for partners immensely. This undertaking expanded our appreciation for the craft that goes into every bottle.

CAOS is the origin of all creation.

When we immerse ourselves in it, we connect with the unexpected and enigmatic. Just as the mountains fold the rocks on a whim and the sea unleashes all its energy through the waves, by embracing chaos we accept the overwhelming complexity of nature, which no imagined order can encompass.

This label transmits the uncontainable power of nature and terroir in its purest, most authentic expression as the wine with an untamed soul that invites you to enjoy the present.

This wine invites us to let go of control, to allow ourselves to be surprised by the unpredictability of life.



Founder - CEO: Daniela Belén
Founder - Creative Director: Jaime Loor
Art Director: Matías Rivera
3D Artist: Juan Pablo Dominguez
Wine Investor: Nicolás Villaseca