Curator’s Insight – Maowoo Cat Food

Derrick Lin


What makes the cat food packaging designed by DXD Studio so remarkable? Let’s examine it together!

The first thing that catches our attention is the holistic approach that MAOWOO and DXD Studio have taken to their packaging design. They have combined “lifestyle aesthetics” with “scientific cat care” to create a product that not only meets the needs of cats but also fits into the beautiful homes of modern urban dwellers.

The most brilliant feature of this design is the clever use of the Chinese characters “毛兀” to form the face of a cat, complete with a mouth and whiskers. This creative move achieves several goals: it establishes a strong and direct link between the MAOWOO brand and its target market, which is cat owners; it adds a touch of charm and interest to the brand identity, matching its youthful positioning; and it’s simply adorable, making it unforgettable and shareable.

The color scheme is another impressive aspect of the design. The choice of bright oranges and blues, along with a circular striped pattern that resembles a cat’s fur, creates a playful and dynamic feel to the packaging. This is a design choice that resonates with the vitality and passion of cat owners, especially the younger generation.

Now, let’s talk about the handle on the packaging. This is a game-changer. Traditional cat food packaging tends to be boring, rectangular boxes. But MAOWOO and DXD Studio have broken the mold by adding an eye-catching handle. It’s a smart move that instantly reminds us of the packaging of delicious pastries or other tempting food products. This touch of innovation not only improves the overall visual appeal of the product but also offers convenience. It’s a clear example of how packaging can be both functional and fun.

Think about where you usually store your cat food – tucked away in a cabinet, under the sink, or behind a counter. This packaging with its prominent handle challenges the norm and invites you to show it off. It turns cat food into a conversation starter and a centerpiece in your home, aligning perfectly with MAOWOO’s goal to integrate cat food seamlessly into modern homes.

MAOWOO and DXD Studio have created a packaging design that’s not just attractive but also deeply thoughtful. By incorporating elements of playfulness, creativity, and functionality into their design, they have successfully created a unique and memorable identity for cat food that appeals directly to a younger generation of cat owners. It’s a packaging that turns cat food into something delightful and worthy of display, marking a significant departure from the conventional and dull cat food packaging. In the world of packaging design, this one is a purr-fect winner!

Packaging design: DXD studio