Introducing the packaging:

In the world of design challenges, the Amazon packaging project is an excellent example of our team’s extensive knowledge and creativity. The mission was crystal clear: conceive a limited edition packaging that not only echoed Amazon’s commitment to personalization but also radiated the warmth and cultural richness of Diwali, making it an irresistible choice for festive gifting.

Core’s Approach:

Our design narrative embraced the simplicity of minimalistic flat illustrations, vibrant palettes reminiscent of Diwali’s luminous spirit, and carefully curated elements that echoed the festival’s essence. The result? Packaging that not only captures the festive fervor but also respects our planet with its sustainable design. As we unraveled this creative tapestry, we knew we were crafting more than packaging; we were creating an experience, a visual symphony that resonates with the heart of Diwali and Amazon’s dedication to delighting its customers.