Escafandrista’s Double IPAs

ƒ · filipe conde


A series of two Double IPAs created for the Escafandrista Brewery, a nano-brewery in southeastern Brazil. The concept was to create the atmosphere of the styles they carry: a Double New Zealand IPA, being represented by a theme of its pasture lands and mountains, under its name “The Sheep and the Shepherd”; and a Double West Coast IPA, being represented by California’s forests and other elements, called “The Bear and the Hunter”.

As a new series, the design was comissioned as a collage style. They share the justapositioning of elements over a sliced background, one vertical, one horizontal, with some printing reticle and a lot of grain, evoking a sense of longing. Both beers use the red color as a point of attention, embracing the label name, in contrast with a more pastel background.

Printed in plastic sleeves, which cover great part of the can, the background and the bottom mountains feel separated from the collage itself.


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