Felons X Fox Friday Hazy IPA

Brewing a big juicy IPA is a two person job – so Felons joined forces with hazy-beer legends Fox Friday to craft this hoppy limited release. Abundance and freshness are at the core of this delightful hazy. Packed with sweet juicy grapefruit flavour, top notes of cotton candy and a silky-smooth finish, the can design had to capture both its fruity richness and the colliding worlds of these two breweries.

Borrowing from the existing Fox Friday cache, we utilised alternating matte and metallic finishes on a label print to lift the breweries off the can. We then flipped the finishes in the centre to create the iconic Felons diamond. The deep colours reflect the vibrancy of the fruity American hops, while the matte high build adds dimensionality – ensuring the beer feels as good in hand as it does going down. It’s a bold design that not only stands out on a shelf, but slots in seamlessly into the lineups of both breweries.