I have designed packaging for the Herb Aling brand’s range of natural herbal teas. Each tea flavor in the Herb Aling lineup is represented by a unique stylized illustration of its ingredients. Leaves, flowers, and berries are meticulously drawn with vibrant colors to emphasize their freshness and natural origin. These illustrations evoke associations with nature and underscore the product’s naturalness.

An essential part of the design is environmental awareness. Herb Aling’s packaging is made from recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to nature.

Herb Aling’s packaging design invites consumers on an exciting journey through the world of natural herbal teas. Through this design, the brand conveys the idea of natural purity, quality, and the uniqueness of its products, making it more modern and appealing to contemporary consumers who value naturalness and environmental consciousness. The combination of warm and cool colors, depending on the mood of the tea blend and the time of day it’s consumed, adds depth and variety to Herb Aling’s packaging design.

Morning tea, energizing and lively, features warm shades such as bright gold and orange, giving the packaging brightness and vitality to emphasize the energy morning tea provides.
Evening tea, often associated with relaxation and comfort, employs calm and cool colors like deep blue, lavender, or gray. These shades create an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort, harmonizing perfectly with evening relaxation.

This diverse color palette helps convey not only the tea’s taste qualities but also its emotional and mood-enhancing aspects, making Herb Aling’s packaging more attractive and inspiring for consumers, creating a pleasant atmosphere during tea moments.