Hyper Six is a pioneering unisex skincare brand that employs science at its core, working at the DNA level to redefine and energize skin cells. We believe in transcending gender norms and the humdrum of conventional skincare products by presenting advanced and efficient solutions to our customers. The essence of the product and its packaging is grounded in sustainability, advancing our commitment to the environment.

Our packaging concept, much like our product, is a bold and premium representation of our brand ideals. The bright orange container, echoing our vibrant passion, is made from 100% recycled plastic, housing our groundbreaking formula. Furthermore, the spherical cardboard casing, equally flamboyant, alludes to an infinite cycle of commitment to environmental balance.


In fusing form and function, we desired to pack a punch with our packaging design, creating an outer shell as potent as the serum it contains. Our tactic to accentuate sustainability and the audacious character of our brand led us to design an orange cylindrical box made entirely from renewable resources. The luminous orange hue symbolizes our brand’s dynamic energy, radiant aura, and unrivaled ethos.

What’s Unique

Our packaging stands out not only due to the vibrant color scheme but also with its formidable commitment to sustainability and environmental health. The radiant, electric orange container is made from 100% recycled plastic—an affirmation of our strong ecological intentions. Furthermore, the package design, a cylindrical, recyclable cardboard box, celebrates our vision of a circular economy, keeping the environment at its core.


The packaging and the product of Hyper Six create not just a visual treat but an immersive, mindful experience. The bold design, coupled with the ethos of unisex inclusivity and sustainability, results in a brand that customers associate with exceptional quality, social consciousness, and environmental responsibility. This creates a powerful impact and promotes a brand image that, once experienced, is hard to forget – much like a beacon of a promising, sustainable future in the ever-evolving world of skincare.

Curator’s Insight

The cylindrical cardboard casing is a brilliant design choice that goes beyond aesthetics, this design element communicates a holistic approach to sustainability that extends from the product formula to the packaging itself. The bold choice of orange immediately sets them apart from the sea of subdued skincare packaging.