Transforming visions into reality: crafting the brand identity and packaging design for Lilixir

In the vast realm of natural skincare, where authenticity, ingredients’ quality and results are highly sought after, Canadian beauty brand Lilixir emerged as a budding brand with a vision to revolutionize the industry. Lilia, the visionary founder, entrusted our award-winning packaging design studio to bring her brand to life.

With Lilia’s aspirations firmly rooted in her mind, she approached our studio with a vision to establish Lilixir as a renowned inclusive brand dedicated to harnessing the power of nature and knowledge in skincare.

Crafting the Visual Identity: To create a holistic visual identity that resonated with Lilixir’s values, we immersed ourselves in a comprehensive exploration of the brand’s world. “Lilixir” is a fusion of the brand’s founder name, Lilia, the lily flower, and elixir. Drawing inspiration from the name itself, the brand’s origins, ethos and values, we meticulously selected colours and typography that reflected Lilixir’s commitment to blending nature with innovation and grounded the brand in its Canadian roots.

Designing the Packaging: Recognizing the pivotal role packaging plays in enhancing the customer experience, differentiating the brand, and promoting sustainability, we set out to create packaging that would captivate and delight. Our quest led us to source sustainable paper, ensuring that Lilixir’s commitment to environmental responsibility was reflected in every detail. By custom designing and printing the bottles, we seized the opportunity to create a unique product that would effortlessly stand out on the shelves, beckoning customers to explore the beauty within.