Lobo Mexicano, Mezcal De Ritual

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The unbreakable bond of the herd and its nomadic walk between mountains and forests inspires us to design an object that calls for gatherings. A bottle that protects an ancestral mezcal composed of various wild agaves from Oaxaca.

The bottle was created with the ritual of drinking mezcal in mind, and sharing it with friends and loved ones, adding a touch of authenticity and human connection, which may resonate with consumers seeking meaningful and authentic experiences.

The bottle is an analogy of a musical instrument that can be played by finding a branch in the forest, we add an interactive and sensory aspect to the product experience. This not only reinforces the relationship with nature but also creates an emotional and playful connection with consumers.

Reinforcing the narrative, numbered sculptures of little wolves that function as guardians of the forest, of mezcal, were designed. Brands today must care about their environment, in this case, Lobo Mexicano is a brand that cares and is involved in activities for integrating Mexican wolves into their natural habitat.


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