T-shirt Packaging for Luxemberg Monsters


Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Luxemberg Monsters, founded in Medellín, Colombia, initially recognized for their witty Instagram memes, embarked on a transformative journey by venturing into the world of streetwear-inspired products.

I build a packaging concept for the brand’s star product – T-shirts. The goal was to infuse a sense of absurdity and playfulness into something entirely unique, and that’s where the idea of a pizza box was born. The pink pizza box itself has since become iconic, complemented by a delightful set of stickers that breathe life into mischievous monsters and serve as an ingenious way to seal the box shut.

Adorning the sides of the box is a bold declaration in large text: ‘This is not a fuckin(g) pizza.’ This statement was crafted with a wink and a nod, poking fun at the obvious and inviting customers to join in the brand’s irreverent sense of humor. The pizza box-inspired packaging is a testament to the brand’s commitment to being different, memorable, and, above all, fun.