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中国 西安

The market sensation caused by HEYTEA’s collaboration with FENDI
Go to Maotai to co-brand with Ruixing and make a lot of money
Co-branding has become the “top choice” for major brands in the marketing industry
Creating sales legends one after another
Nowadays, cross-border marketing between different brands
Becoming more and more normalized

The core of brand co-branding
While taking advantage of the joint influence of both parties,
Integrate their respective [character traits] and [cultural genes]
Let the meaning of different brands/products be related to each other
and form complementary effects between brands/products
A single product may not make sense
But when all products are related to each other and added up,
The co-branded products can have
Distinctive [Market Topics] and [Character Characteristics]
In order to realize the marketing logic of [topics drive emotions, emotions drive consumption]
At the same time, this also opens up the market communication logic of a [star product]

Creation of joint products
It is to find commonalities while balancing the diversity among brands.
Seeking breakthroughs in creating conflicts
Recreation through the integration of concepts, symbols, etc. between brands
Create a new product with dual identity

  1. Brand exposure topics
    Use the linkage and collision between different brands/products to create topic points
    Stimulate users’ excitement and achieve short-term exposure traffic for the brand
  2. Break through the barriers of circles
    Break down the barriers of circles and transform the original solid image of the brand
    Radiate to a more diverse consumer group and make the brand more diverse
  3. Optimize consumption experience
    Based on user experience, aligning with updated consumer demands
    Arouse emotional resonance with consumption and allow users to gain a better consumption experience

When social and topic attributes are full
Product launch upgraded to a topical event
There is [topicity], [exclusivity] and [sociality]
Create greater and more general communication efforts
While earning enough eyeballs, it also earns enough turnover
To achieve the market effect of 1+1>2

————”Guge Brand”


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