Corso Cadore, 46, 10153 Torino TO, Italia

Minimalist Design With An Essential And Determined Identity

Development of packaging design for new lines of cosmetic products with organic ingredients. The objective was to create packaging that could convey the values of the brand, namely excellence, uniqueness and purity.

The first step was to define the creative concept. The choice fell on a minimalist design with an essential and decisive identity. The message to be conveyed was clear: “less is more”, or less is better.
To represent the purity of the organic ingredients used, the packages were made in a completely white color. However, to differentiate the three product lines, some hints of color were chosen: orange for Calendula, brown for Argan and green for Kiwi.

Each reference has been associated with a specific geometric shape, creating a very strong family feeling between the lines, offering an idea of continuity and familiarity and building that feeling of trust necessary to transform a customer into a loyal consumer.


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