Derrick Lin


I’m excited to explore the unique design of Praline-Toi’s new Grand Cru chocolate in this edition of Curator’s Insight. What sets this packaging apart is the clever way it reflects its origins and captures the essence of the brand. Let’s delve into what makes it special:

Origins Reflected in Design

The decision to select Grand Cru chocolate from Madagascar, the founder’s home country, is a brilliant move. The design beautifully embodies this by featuring a charming and inquisitive lemur, an animal indigenous to Madagascar. This connection to the founder’s roots is deeply personal and adds a layer of authenticity to the product.

Lemur’s Playful Presence

The lemur with its large, captivating eyes draws you in, and its playful demeanor immediately sets a friendly and approachable tone. It’s a symbol of curiosity and nut-loving qualities, mirroring the brand’s spirit.

Innovative Use of Tail

What truly makes this design unique is the use of the lemur’s black and white tail. It goes all the way around the jar, acting as both a decorative element and a functional seal for the lid. This dual purpose is not just efficient; it’s playful and inventive. It adds an interactive element to the packaging, engaging the consumer in the discovery of the product.

Adaptable and Flexible

The lemur’s bendable and squirming nature is cleverly reflected in the brand image and its signature. This speaks to the adaptability and creativity of the brand, highlighting that they are willing to evolve and try new things, just like the lemur’s tail.

Identity, Packaging, Art Direction: BANG BANG
Illustration: Anne-Julie Dudemaine
Photos: Luc Robitaille