Elementa Mundi Dietary Supplements


Product Essence: Elementa Mundi, inspired by “the fundamental components of the world,” explores the link between the human body and nature’s elements. The brand emphasizes our shared elemental composition with the universe, creating a harmonious synergy. Our tinctures are crafted from top-quality herbs, spices, essential oils, and adaptogens. They contain no toxic preservatives, flavor enhancers, or sweeteners. A single dropper holds the strength of 8 herbal infusions. Formulations are supervised by a pharmacist and a university professor.

Packaging Concept: The logo carries profound symbolism. The Caduceus symbolizes healing and balance, while the four elemental marks represent the harmony between Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, aligning with the mission to explore the connection between the human body and the natural world. The packaging features unique styles and carefully chosen colors, drawing inspiration from traditional pharmacy aesthetics. Each product possesses a distinct color scheme and an enhancing icon.

Design Technique: Sustainability is a top priority, with the use of natural, recyclable materials for bottles and boxes.

What Sets Us Apart: The commitment to sustainability and the fusion of classical aesthetics with modern sensibilities make their design distinctive. Blending traditional herbal wisdom, modern science, and pharmaceutical precision, they employ clinically proven ingredients.


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