Felons Barrel Hall Limited Release Beer


After the wild success of Felons Barrel Halls’ first Barrel Aged Beer drop, SQUAD Studio was engaged to design a new range of tongue-tingling drops. The epic new release includes show-stoppers like… Nectarine Queen, Raspberry Funk, Sun Drenched Fence and Dark Distant Light. Felons Barrel Hall has also continued to collaborate with well-known Australian distilleries, this time partnering with The Gospel (Melbourne) for their Dark Distant Light Imperial Stout.

These distinctive flavour forward beers are conditioned with live music blaring against the barrels for up to 32 months. The packaging concept captures the raw energy of the Barrel Hall by adopting a kaleidoscope colour and new gothic fonts. This was then brought to life through playful and flavour-led visuals by Jack Hawkins. Hero visuals also appear on the playlist album cover, so you can listen to a ‘Raspberry Funk’ playlist while you sip away.


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