Guanrakjae Brand Identity & Package Design



Guanrakjae is a brand that sells premium joint health supplements containing 11 joint nutrients. The goals of the project were to emphasize ingredients for online sales, design for high package visibility, and convey to customers a harmonious and luxurious atmosphere that blends Korean tradition and modernity. Hour Minute Seconds created the brand identity and package design for Guanrakjae.

Approach & Solution

  1. Korean Tradition & Modern Mood

We wanted to convey the harmonious atmosphere of Korean tradition and modernity through Korean lettering, illustrations, and patterns. The calligraphy-style lettering was designed in a refined style with a modern feel, The illustrations were also designed in an understated illustration style with ink painting style cranes to add a modern atmosphere.

  1. USP (User Selling Point)

As a premium joint supplement with 11 joint nutrients, the ingredient content was a big selling point and something they wanted to communicate strongly to their customers. With its primary sales channel being online, it also needed to stand out from the crowd. We designed the packaging with a vibrant blue color and a large joint icon so that even on a small screen in an online environment, the presence of the package and the ingredients and performance of the product could be understood.

Package Design

Title lettering, color, illustration, pattern and icon design elements are consistently applied to product packages, PTP, ingredient manuals, and shopping bags to convey the luxurious atmosphere of Guanrakjae.