Keepos Organic Products

Elia Laourda

Keepos / Garden: Noun.
A piece of land, where flowers, vegetables, fruits or herbs are cultivated.
A fertile and delightful spot or region.

Elevating the organic shopping experience with a touch of modern flair.Dive into the heartwarming tale of Keepos, an organic haven nestled in Athens, where nature meets community. At Keepos, we delved deep into the essence of freshness and community, crafting an authentic brand identity that resonates with the soul of the business. Every aspect of Keepos’ visual identity, from the initial conception of the logo to the detailed work on the packaging, signage, and merch, was carefully designed to reflect the organic charm of Keepos, ensuring a cohesive and authentic brand experience for their customers.

Project Overview:
At Keepos, I delved deep into crafting a comprehensive brand identity that embodies the essence of organic living with a contemporary twist. From conceptualizing a name that resonates with freshness and vitality, to meticulously designing the logo that encapsulates the spirit of the business – every element has been thoughtfully curated. The branding design reflects the purity of the products within, and the accompanying copywriting adds a poetic touch to the organic experience.

Brand Mood:
Embracing the brand mood of Keepos, I’ve blended earthy tones with pops of vibrant colors, creating a harmonious balance between nature and modernity. The design reflects a sophisticated and timeless elegance, coupled with playful typography that adds a touch of whimsy. Clean lines and simple illustrations have been delicately incorporated to complement the visuals, enhancing the overall brand aesthetic.

Naming & Tagline:
Our goal was to generate interest primarily among contemporary individuals of younger age, students, young parents, and people with global references, while introducing a fresh and unique approach to both older generations who are accustomed to specific organic product stores.
Finally, ideally, our nomenclature should have global appeal and anticipate the possibility of creating exportable products. We ensure that even Greek-rooted words are crafted and written in a way that is appealing to international audiences while supporting the edgy artistic result we aim to achieve.

We Plant, You Enjoy
Crafted by our dedicated team, this tagline symbolizes more than words; it embodies a commitment. Keepos cultivates the finest organic produce, ensuring that every fruit, every vegetable, every sip is an experience to relish. We sow the seeds of quality, allowing you to enjoy the harvest of the best nature has to offer. With each visit, you’re not just buying groceries; you’re embracing a lifestyle, where freshness and flavor harmonize, and where the joy of organic living is brought to life.

This tagline embodies the core philosophy of Keepos: they cultivate the finest, and you relish the best.
Scope of work: Naming, Logo design, Branding, Tagline, Packaging, Copywriting


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