La mosca detrás de la oreja

Miguel Díez estudio de diseño

P.º del Hospital Militar, Valladolid, España

La mosca detrás de la oreja (The Fly Behind the Ear) is GrupoMoga’s new wine.

A Ribera del Duero red oak with 10 months in barrel. An elegant wine with which to offer your customers a great pairing to accompany any type of meat, Iberian sausages, roast lamb and suckling pig, rice with meat, small game, cheeses…

For the naming, we looked for a name that would attract attention and arouse some curiosity. That he would leave the client “with the fly behind his ear” when the sommelier offered it to him. We made an illustration of the back of a woman’s head in black/white and to simulate the hair we chose Avery Dennison’s Fasson Fibers Look paper, which has thick polyester and cellulose fibers embedded randomly. To stand out and contrast with the dark mood of the bottle, capsule and illustration set, we added the silhouette of a small fly just behind the ear in shiny gold stamping.

Curator’s Insight

The fly – that tiny, shiny gold stamping behind the ear, it is a tiny yet incredibly impactful detail in the overall design. It serves as a brilliant contrast to the dark and moody aesthetic of the bottle, capsule, and the woman’s hair.