LAS VEGAS Fruit Wine Series

LionPeng Design Studio


This is a fruit wine produced under the British luxury brand. We have been commissioned to design this product for them. In recent years, as a young consumer market for women, fruit wine has attracted a large number of loyal fans who have tasted it for the first time due to its low alcohol content and easy to drink characteristics. The brand hopes that when it goes abroad, it can integrate the British charm, which is a familiar bottle shape and also has some unique innovative aesthetics. For this reason, we are starting to create a fruit wine product that is light and luxurious, friendly, high in appearance, and easy to drink.

Most of the fruit wines on the market are cute and cute, making it difficult for the brand to establish a luxurious appearance. Therefore, we found LAS VEGAS’s exclusive “diamond gradient cut” symbolic language from the product line, which is spiral cut with four sided diamonds to create a unique and beautiful shape that runs through the entire bottle, making it easy to see at a glance in the severely homogenized fruit wine market. By making the bottle into an inverted trapezoid, its appearance adds a touch of feminine charm. Five special tones of Pantone spot colors can shine in any sales scenario.


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