Maximus Gold – the energy of taste!


The Dobrynya-Dar company (founded in 1996) is a dynamically developing company that produces and imports tea and coffee in the CIS.

The Dobrynya-Dar company produces products of the following brands: coffee “Maximus”, “Strong”, “Indiana Gold”, black tea from the “London Tea Club” collection, green tea “Good Morning”, a series of Ceylon, green, flower and long tea in brand “Dobrynya Nikitich”, fruit tea “Frutos Ceylon”. The entire technological production cycle is designed in such a way that the consumer receives a high-quality product that meets high requirements at the best price. This is illustrated by the fact that the company received an ISO-9001 certificate in 2003, and in 2004 it was a finalist in the competition of the 100 best products of Ukraine.


Create a design for a new SKU Gold in the Maximus brand. The main goal of this design is to loudly and firmly enter the GOLD category of freeze-dried coffee; compete with current players, strengthen its position in the category and expand its distribution geography.


After analyzing the shelf and all the offers from Gold manufacturers, it became clear that visual identification when communicating with the buyer is built according to certain rules: gold color predominates with the addition of brown.

That’s why the Maximus logo is placed on a brown plate, and two-thirds of the bottom of the package is given a gold background to create that same Gold feeling.

The large inscription Gold in Latin helps the buyer to recognize the category from afar.

Since the product will be standing next to competitors, it is important that people immediately notice it and make it stand out on the shelf. The circle element creates a sense of visual center and attracts attention. For the food area, a top angle of the cup was used to better showcase the drink.

The product stands out on the shelf, among other things, thanks to the division into color zones. A large Gold inscription, a food area that has a compositional center in the form of a brown circle, white saucers – all this creates a certain rhythm and looks impressive, noticeable, and contrasting on the shelf.

The design was developed within the Startup tariff.


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