Modifox Creative

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This is a coffee brand project in Da Lat, Vietnam. They want to create a coffee brand new coffee here to serve the customer group of young people, working people aged about 20-35 years old. We propose appropriate options for this project.

We’ve solved the problem of brand colors quite well. When we don’t use colors Traditionally, we instead use colors from the nature of the terrain here, the symbolic orange The sun refers to the beginning of the day for young people, students, and working people. Green symbol of trees, mountains, and forests because Da Lat’s terrain is mainly forests and hills, bringing with it cold air As for the Logo, we use the letter mark logo form, which is simply the brand name displayed and a stylized sun symbol. As for packaging, we have paper coffee cups, coffee packaging, and storage bags. With a simple design with illustrations of people combined with stylized typefaces, it creates surprise, attracts tastes, and is unique and distinctive in the eyes of customers.

That project was very successful, it created a new culture and a new famous coffee brand image in the land of Da Lat. Many local people especially those who travel here are almost the same Must-visit place in Da Lat. What’s more, is that a book publisher has put this project into a book their books teach about colors.


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