Aazol – ‘Sweeten the lives of your loved ones’ Gift Hampers


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Come October, the festive season begins in India. From Dussehra to Diwali – the festival of lights, right up to Christmas, the exchanging of sweets and gifts are the utmost important feature of these festivals.

The festivals are a time of joy and celebration in India. Aazol launched three bespoke made-to-order premium gift boxes that will make people feel special no matter the occasion.

Aazol’s Artisanal Ladoos Gift Box features handmade Mahua, Ragi and Dink Ladoos​. The Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki Gift Box has Aazol’s bestseller and everyone’s favourite, this melt in your mouth Chikki oozes flavour and natural goodness and is ideal to sweeten the mouths of loved ones during a celebratory occasion. Aazol’s traditional box has unique delights that emerge from the heart of rural India which has  a mix of  the classics – Kakavi (liquid jaggery), Kokam Agal (pure fruit extract), Amla Gulkand (Vitamin C Cooling Digestive) and Red Thecha (chilli chutney)

The packaging was designed keeping the festive mood in mind. Each box is designed with a specific colour from the brand’s primary colour palette and corresponds to the contents. Line art illustrations help tell the brand’s story of being a homegrown food brand, striving to help self-help groups and women-run organizations throughout Maharashtra. The graphic play on each box takes inspiration from not only nature but also the spices and ingredients used in making these delightful delicacies, as well as all the decorations adorning these festivals.

These gold-foiled add a touch of luxury and are reusable, making them perfect for organizing your small valuables. These boxes are also environmentally friendly as they are made of recycled materials.


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