Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

AMOR is an experimental new condom brand that is here to break boundaries and deconstruct the stigma surrounding the topic of sexual life. It dares to be different with its bold contrast and striking colours, inviting conversations and asking to be seen on both the shelves of supermarkets and in our own living areas. Unlike other brands, AMOR refuses to hide in the depth of our drawers like a deeply shameful secret—it instead wears all its vivid colours on its sleeves.

The goal of this packaging was to reinvent what it means to design a condom packaging without losing any of the functionality. Standard boxes are rather small, easy to carry around or toss in the back of a drawer, as if they were meant to stay hidden—yet, contrary to this idea, their outside is visually rather crowded and loud. Designing a look that’s minimalistic with a huge amount of contrast and simple lines broke that mould, while still retaining its functionality: its tall and slim form allows it not only to stand out on the shelf, be easily recognisable and categorizable, or even to be displayed on the top of a cupboard; it’s still small enough to carry around or slide into a bag if needed.

AMOR’s design aesthetic and striking colours make it easy to differentiate between its different types in stores, but also during production. Its secondary function allows it to be refilled once emptied; no need to throw out the newest display piece from your shelf—it instead encourages to keep the same body and replace the product as needed, while also, maybe, perhaps—inviting the customer to collect all four to complete the set.


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