Astigi Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The oil of Rome came from the ancient “Colonia Augusta Firma” seed of Astigi (Écija).

All this cultural background has inspired us to create the storytelling and claim of a brand, as well as to transmit all the power and value of oil culture in the design of its packaging. We want to convey in the design of your label an Italian accent, from the big brands that are on shelves around the world, as well as maintain the cultural memory of Écija and its history through shapes, icons and the graphics of this packaging.

We delved into history to create and develop the design of the entire Astigi packaging range, from the conventional gourmet line “Singilis” to Astigi premium EVOO in glass. The labels reflect quality brand positioning with tradition, the connection of the origin of the city of Écija and the product, with a marked vintage style.