The logo is designed based on the brand name, Dav is short for David, so I used Michelangelo’s statue of David as the logo. At the heart of this is and the word decor, we can say that this statue is one of the famous decorations in Italy that inspires many, so I was inspired and designed the logo on this basis. I have also emphasized that this is a putty and a deluxe quality putty, thanks to which masters can get real masterpieces such as the statue of David. Based on this, the design of the label is designed to be in harmony with the theme. I have kept simplicity and minimalism, but at the same time, I have conveyed a luxurious atmosphere.

The next label is designed for white paint. I wanted to show in a simple but creative way that this white paint is pure white like snow.

Marketer: Sargis Mughumyan
Graphic Designer: Grigor Mnoyan
Client: DavDeco LLC