Task: creating a logo and developing packaging design for a brand of cosmetics for the whole family, Delicacy.

Solution: A unique style has been created for the Delicacy cosmetics brand that will attract attention and convey the values of our brand to all users. As a first step, a logo was developed, which is the main visual object of Delicacy.

The Delicacy logo is simple and elegant, promoting a sense of comfort and love for family. It is intended to convey genuine care for users and their families, as well as symbolize the quality and gentleness of the cosmetic brand. Clean, soft lines and subtle shades convey the desire to create cosmetics products that bring comfort not only to your skin but also to your home.

For the packaging design, we continued the logo style, creating a recognizable and attractive aesthetic. Our packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials, which reflects our responsibility towards nature. We used laconic forms and clear lines, focusing on the name of the product and its main characteristics.

The result of the entire process of logo development and packaging design was the creation of a spectacular and memorable image of the Delicacy brand. The products of which are able to attract attention and inspire confidence in every consumer, and the packaging emphasizes the naturalness and quality of cosmetic products.


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