Atlas Branding

47 Rankin Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, USA

Atlas built a brand for Duette Cellars that celebrates harmony between California and Italy—great wine, sunshine, music, and good conversation. Harmony in Every Sip.

There’s a new chord of design happening within the wine, a desire to modernize family legacies while also paying homage to generational roots and hospitality. Finding something new with intrinsic value in something old.

Atlas drew inspiration from lovebird’s tendency to pair up for life to add an illustrative flare and appeal to younger drinkers looking for something lighter and more playful. Duette’s vibrant colors and loose illustrations add joy and differentiate it from the market backdrop of dark colors, gold foil, wax seals, and tight, swooping scripts. A nod to vintage Italian resort style adds a touch of European nostalgia to the wine country.

The brand’s legs can extend to additional wines and beverages and carefully curates a lifestyle brand true to form.


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