InSaint Spring Water | Sparkling Water

Yuying Chen

“In Saint” is a unique airline beverage brand inspired by the Cantonese phrase “饮胜” (‘jam2 sing,’ meaning ‘cheers’), echoing “Cheers” in the Western world. It signifies a novel way of celebrating, not limited to alcohol but emphasizing water as a healthy means of connecting people to nature and each other.Amid the mysterious and sometimes anxious skies, we stress the importance of water. Its cycle and sky’s meteorological phenomena affect Earth’s life and environment. On airplanes, water not only hydrates but fosters social interactions.

The brand logo, inspired by “The Creation of Adam,” symbolizes renewal, confidence, and awareness. “In Saint” aims to spread positive energy, celebrating every moment affordably, relieving stress, and offering social opportunities.It combines creativity and symbolism, encouraging shared joy and a continuous celebration of life. Choose “In Saint” to savor life and embrace a brighter future in every moment. We believe in celebrating life as a continuous lifestyle, not just a fleeting clink of glasses. This is our brand inspiration and life philosophy shared with the world.


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