LUME – Spirit of the Abyss


Via dell'Artigianato, 38, 37020 Rugolin, Marano di Valpolicella VR, Italia

Lume is the experimental space where we bring to life all the ideas and projects that are too out there for run-of-the-mill communication. It’s our unique way of expressing our creativity without any kind of constraints. Spirit of the Abyss is the latest brainchild of LUME.

It’s not just a gin or a label. Lume – Spirit of the Abyss is an experience, an invitation to explore and start seeing things from another point of view. And to find out how the world changes when we look at it with curious eyes.

When we look out over the ocean towards the horizon, the water darkens from turquoise to navy – almost black. We feel a thrill. We wonder what’s hidden in that unsoundable abyss and are a little scared of what might rise up from it.

Our courage fails before such majesty and – in the equally impenetrable depths of our souls – something lights up inside us.

It’s the spark of curiosity, stronger than any fear, the power that drove us to discover new lands and even touch the moon, and what still drives us to keep asking what’s hidden beneath what we see.

In the darkness, even the faintest glint becomes a floodlight illuminating the unknown. That’s when we discover that we’re not alone, and that darkness is nothing but a border we can push away with the help of the flame we nurture inside.

Welcome to Lume. Welcome to our world.

Technical description:
Lume – Spirit of the Abyss is so much more than a mere label – the packaging forms part of the experience. Using a personal device such as a smartphone is the bridge leading to and illuminating the unknown. Once the bridge has been crossed, the bottle comes to life and reveals its secret world.



Via dell'Artigianato, 38, 37020 Rugolin, Marano di Valpolicella VR, Italia