Mitho is a fictional tea brand that brings a sip of relaxation and adventure into everyday life. The tea blends of the collection brings to life well-known heroes of different cultures. Each flavor and mixture affects our mood and well-being in a different way. Each warrior has its own strength, which also determines the packaging and flavoring of the teas.

For example, the balance and self-control of the samurai, or the determination and energy of the Vikings! The aim of the collection is to endow its consumers with the same qualities. The packaging of the products is made with colors independent of the corporate image, in accordance with the mood and the hero of the given tea blend.

The main aspect of the packaging design was simplicity, as the boxes feature illustrations with a more graphic appearance. Consuming the full package can take several months, so resealability was of utmost importance. The box only needs to be glued on one side, which makes it more environmentally friendly. My main goal was to create playful and dynamic packaging that is easy to remember and stands out on the shelves among competitors.


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