Spiro Spathis: Embrace change with a new logo and packaging design

Spiro Spathis, an Egyptian brand founded in 1920, embarked on a transformation journey in 2023. Realizing the importance of and keeping pace with the ever-evolving market, the company made a strategic decision to design a new logo that not only captures the essence of the current era but also preserves the spirit of the famous old logo that resonated. The public has had it for decades. In addition to the logo, the brand has also revamped its packaging to go with the new identity design.

The new logo represents a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. It is inspired by the original logo, and incorporates the key elements that have become synonymous with the Spiro Spathis brand. By doing this, the company ensures that the logo maintains a sense of familiarity, evokes fond memories and builds on existing brand recognition. However, the new design also introduces contemporary elements, reflecting the brand’s commitment to keeping up with the times.

In conjunction with the logo redesign, the brand took the opportunity to reimagine its packaging. The new packaging design complements the logo, creating a cohesive and unified brand identity. It displays a balance between sophistication and innovation, attracting both loyal customers and a new generation of consumers.

The packaging has been changed to match the new brand identity. It embodies a sleek, modern aesthetic, attracting shoppers’ attention and conveying a sense of quality and luxury. The updated packaging not only enhances the visual appearance but also improves the functionality, ensuring convenience for consumers in their daily use.

Spiro Spathis’ decision to update its logo and packaging demonstrates its commitment to adapting to changing market dynamics while respecting its heritage. By striking a balance between old and new, the brand aims to attract a wider audience and strengthen its position as a symbol of elegance and timeless style.

In conclusion, Spiro Spathis’ recent logo and packaging redesign represents an exciting chapter in the brand’s history. By embracing change and embracing the spirit of the old logo, the company has created a new identity that resonates with both loyal customers and a new generation. With its updated logo and packaging, Spiro Spathis is poised to make a lasting impression on the market, while continuing to offer high-quality products that embody the essence of Egyptian craftsmanship.


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