Domino’s Kids plain and flavored milk


Domino Dairy and Ice Cream Company has operated in the dairy and ice cream market of Iran since it officially started in 2010.

This is a new project of Tetra Pak plain milk and flavored milk for kids packaging design.

A playful and adventurous baby cow character was designed for the packaging design of Domino’s kid’s milk. The goal was to show the character doing activities that children between 6-12 years of age like and to be far away from just stereotypical sports activities. 8 different activities were required for 8 products. It was decided to design 16 different activities and finally, 8 designs were selected among them.

To be sure that children like the packages and communicate with them; In several boys’ and girls’ schools, children were surveyed about which activities they would like the Domino cow to do. Finally, the children chose 8 out of 16 designs.

Each of the playful cows was placed on a package. To display the flavors, the consumer’s mental history of the color and image of each flavor was referred to, and a dedicated English typeface was designed to match the Persian typeface of the product flavor name.



Domino dairy and ice cream co.