Pastificio Val Di Vara Food Packaging

The goal of this project was to break the traditional rules of food packaging; for this reason it was decided to opt and focus everything on a minimal style and a definitely modern concept.

It is a packaging for high quality Italian products, P.A.T. certified. (Traditional Agri-Food Product); Genoese pesto, a globally recognized treasure, and Ligurian walnut sauce, a UNESCO intangible heritage, represent the quintessence of Liguria.

From this last point the development of this minimalist concept began, where the essential rules the roost.

Simplicity, which when taken to the extreme becomes elegance, is the key to understanding this project, according to the principle of What you see is what you getThe focus, in fact, is on the product as the absolute protagonist, clearly evident to the consumer from the transparent window of the pouch; the innovation in representing it lies in the colors and linguistics elements, all distributed according the maximum balance of spaces.


Each flavor has a specifically sampled palette rendered in small circles placed under the transparent window; put together they make the packaging a sort of collection.


What is more representative of Ligurian pride than expressing oneself in one’s own dialect?

It’s not only the desire to make people appreciate the goodness of an extraordinary product, but also the great pride in calling it and making it known by its name, which symbolizes an absolutely strenuous attachment to tradition.
An ancient tradition that resists modernity and which, in modernity, wants to take its place to be shared.

This is why the transliteration into IPA is done.

The chosen font (Dunbar Low Book) is a geometric and solid sans serif one, modern, exuberant, with a unique structure, exactly like the products it names.


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