FRANOE Essential Oil

Franoe is a Malaysian essential oil brand that provides a variety of natural essential oils that connect to the stories of everyday life and bring customers closer to their inner selves. We believe that everyone deserves to feel inner peace and happiness, regardless of the challenges they face in life. That’s why Franoe creates high-quality essential oils to help people relax, reduce stress, and improve overall health.

The core of the brand is to connect with the inner self, so the design concept is based on a gentle, flowing connection. As time goes by, all the good things will return to one’s heart. The color palette also uses low-saturation but refreshing and natural colors, hoping to be closer to the peaceful atmosphere of nature.

We also used some small ideas in the packaging structure. For example, the label design on the bottle is designed to imitate a pair of hands surrounding oneself. The edges and corners of the small box are an “inner” house, while the large box is the action of opening one’s heart. All kinds of small ideas are to bring out the concept of “getting closer to your inner self and being kind to yourself.”