Gallers Limited edition chocolate

LionPeng Design Studio


The creation of the song Lairui Chocolate · Limited Edition Packaging was inspired by market research on the enthusiasm of urban people for raising cats. A chocolate cannot resist the great sadness and suffering of life, but it can heal the small emotions of life. Chocolate represents advanced romance, and its existence is probably to heal every strong and independent soul. Just like cats healing busy urban workers and experiencing the simplicity and beauty of the world.

Chocolate, as a light luxury gift product, needs to be incorporated into the brand’s cultural storytelling. Therefore, the packaging pattern presents the European style Royal Cat IP image, using a highly cinematic style, allowing diners to appreciate the packaging and imagine when tasting chocolate. Combining exquisite European overlapping patterns, a retro yet unique modern simplicity showcases the essence of chocolate. In Forrest Gump, it is said that life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what’s next. When we get lost in our daily work, it’s better to stop and experience the surprises and wonderful moments in life, taste a different chocolate, and embark on a wonderful journey of taste. Surprising moments always come, allowing our tired bodies to travel to the foreign land we are heading towards. Feeling the aftertaste of chocolate, let’s temporarily put aside the tedious work, close our eyes, and feel life. At this moment, life is more exciting because of us.


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