Revolving Door Gift Box – Watches

BXL Packaging Design


🎁 Introducing our stunning new gift box designs! Our design concepts incorporate unique features, making them a memorable way to present a special gift. The design of the revolving door adds a sense of ritual to the opening process, revealing a meaningful “520” inside, symbolizing confession and surprise. Plus, there are bracelets and belts in the drawer below for an extra bonus. ​

🌟 But that’s not all – we also used variable temperature ink for an extra bonus. When you take out the watch, the color of the inner sleeve changes with the temperature of your hand, revealing a heart-shaped pattern that represents the warmth and heartbeat of a relationship. The three-dimensional paper-cut design of the piano is full of romance and adds a sense of ritual to life. The best part? Not only is this gift box beautiful, but it can be reused as a jewelry storage box.

💌 Alphabet card creativity is the most important. Pull-out invitation designs expand when you pull out and retract when you press back. This is a creative way to deliver invitations full of surprises! This gift box design is perfect for those special occasions when you want to make an unforgettable impression. #giftboxdesign #unforgettablegifts #specialoccasions