New Russian Fast Food Chicken Brand Development

This summer, we unexpectedly took part in brand development project for a new Russian fast-food restaurant chain, serving fried chicken dishes as the main treat for its guests.

The world’s most widely known fast-food chain, KFC, is the leader in the chicken fast-food market. Therefore, in order to compete with it and tear a piece off its audience, we needed to look at this whole “chicken story” from a completely different and more sensitive angle.

While looking for our potential clients, in contrast to our competitors, we focused on Russian young people. And these are rather unique fellows. So they need a “unique service”.

Today’s young people see our world differently. They are always in motion and always ahead of the game. They are cool, daring, stylish. They are looking for something new and always redefine old concepts, ideas and things. That’s why we decided to reinvent something very habitual for all of us… and to make a little bit of fun.

In order to avoid the classic KFC style of this segment, we tried to get inspiration from Russian culture. More specifically, we turned to its most “mischievous” part – national folklore. Moreover, the trend for everything national in Russia is growing by leaps and bounds. And the newfangled zoomers have still managed to grow up with the old fairy tales.

However, KuraLes is not just a new fast-food brand with a Russian DNA, but a territory of self-expression, a place for bright emotions and impressions. It is a space for the most anxious natures: daring and unusual. Here you can be yourself and not be ashamed of absolutely nothing. No wonder that the vintage word “kurolesit'” (geek out) in the Russian language means to be mischievous, prankish, rowdy.

The brand’s visual identity is based on images traditional for Russian culture: basten hens and cockerels, fairy huts on chicken legs, folklore Christmas trees, as well as Slavic rooks and Old Russian utensils with large “ears”. However, in our interpretation, they sparkled with new colours: the legs of the huts turned out to be well fried, the Christmas trees got chicken wings, and French fries sprouted in the bowls. Everything is dynamic and colourful.

By the way, the capital “K” in the logo stands for a modern reminder of the flamboyant initials of the chronicles. It also encrypts the word “chicken” – the main ingredient in our menu.

This youth story is continued by catchy copywriting, which in combination with bold and bright visuals creates the atmosphere of an unusual and incredibly stylish place, where young guys would not only be interested in satisfying their hunger, but also comfortable to hang out.


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