Obergo Histórico Tres Garnachas


Obergo. A family project with unique vineyards in the Secastilla Valley, the highest area in Somontano. A landscape of hills and slopes full of vines, holm oaks and olive trees, where the Garnacha has been able to withstand times of change. Where new stories are being written about old vineyards.

Historical. Because it encompasses the three materials (clay, wood and steel) with which, over the centuries, man has learned to tame wine and a variety as untamed and free as Garnacha.

Three Garnachas. Because it is made with Garnacha fermented in clay vats, which gives it minerality and softens its initial temperament; with Garnacha fermented in oak barrels, where it gains aromas and is impregnated with complexity; and with Garnacha fermented in stainless steel tanks, where, thanks to an early devatting, the most subtle and delicate aromas of the variety are preserved.

333 bottles in which to meet the land, history and the hand of man.

Obergo Histórico Tres Garnachas is a definitive work at the service of the senses.

A project born of reflection, truth and confidence in what has been achieved is the flat and sunny path that every designer desires. There is a sense that the margins of the project are narrowing and that the ideas are already at risk. But one is grateful to have a solid base on which to inject creativity and to be able to focus more than ever on the small details. In these cases, the designer’s role is like that of the ideal moderator at a round table: to be discreet, to guide the discourse, to focus on the main points and to add value to the whole. It sounds simple, but…