This project consisted of creating three different packages relating to three of the six virtues logos that I had made previously; Courage, Justice, Temperance, Transcendence, Humanity, and Wisdom. I chose to use the logos of Temperance, Transcenence, and Courage in these products. I chose to represent these products through imagery.

The logo and illustrations for Courage were inspired by the Nordic god Tyr, the bravest god, and are often seen with wolves. The logo and illustrations for Temperance were motivated by the Nordic god Freyr, who is the god of peace and is often seen around wolves. Lastly, Transcendence was inspired by the Nordic god Odin who is the god of all gods, and he is often seen around birds such as hawks.

The design’s goal was to create compelling imagery appealing to active gymgoers and workout enthusiasts. The minimal color scheme of only red and a few shades of grey was used to maintain a focused and serious look, making the viewer feel important and respected. The bright red pops out from the greyscale illustrations making it easy to identify on the shelves.