Beer smoothie “DiscovererS”


Label illustration design. Beer smoothie “DiscovererS”

In this article, I want to share my experience of creating a label for Discoverers beer.

Before starting work, I did research on the target audience, competitors in the market, and the product itself. Discoverers is a craft beer designed to stand out from the vast variety of beers on store shelves. The challenge was to create a label that would attract customers’ attention and match the image of the product itself.

The first step was to create a concept for the label. I decided to take inspiration from the theme of discovery and adventure, which fits perfectly with the name Discoverers. I chose to combine Leonardo Davinc’s medieval era with his Mona Lisa as the centerpiece of the label, with the addition of visual imagery from Coca-Cola and M&M’s. The flavors found in beer, have an unusual story.

Then I started choosing the color scheme. I decided to use light blue and gold colors to give the label a noble and sophisticated look. These colors also work well with the sea theme, emphasizing the connection with travel and discovery.

The next step was to add information about the product – name, alcohol percentage, volume, etc. I chose a font that matches the style of the label and is easy to read for a potential buyer. Once the label was completed, I provided it to the customer for review. The result was customer satisfaction and willingness to continue working with this Discoverers beer label.