Eat Sabio, Eat The World

What’s considered a boring snack in America, is one the newest snacks on the shelves in Indian grocery stores: Pretzels! But just like potato chips, these ones come in incredible flavors: Classic, Sour Cream & Chive, Cheese Pizza, Brown Sugar Cinnamon & Beer Mustard.

Started by a young entrepreneur who has enjoyed authentic snacking while traveling, Sabio is an effort to bring the best of the world to the grocery store shelves across Indian cities. Starting with pretzels, Sabio hopes to capture the snacking market with a variety of authentic Italian, Dutch and Japanese products, amongst others.

To create a sustainable branding system for them, we chose to tie in the aspect of travel with the packaging of the products. Each of the different flavors is represented by an American City with a matching personality: Classic for NYC, Cheese Pizza for  Chi-Town and Brown Sugar Cinnamon for Los Angeles, considering this was their star flavor.

The idea of Sabio as a travel brand was taken a step further with a snacking passport made for their consumers, postcards as brand notes, and different city stamps as stickers. Even in their photoshoot, we continued the travel theme by using a conveyor belt for the pretzels to arrive on for its launch!