IDELIA is more than just a brand; it’s a culinary journey designed for diverse tastes.

How can we achieve it? We decided to take one step forward and give the audience not only the packaging but also a taste of what they should expect to have inside.

The sauces, visually captivating and flavour-rich, offer a unique colour scheme on the packaging, which doubles as a narrative canvas with high-definition food photography. This not only suggests ideal pairings but also brings the story of each sauce to life.

Innovatively, IDELIA features two types of ketchup: a milder version for light dishes and a robust one for meats, clearly illustrated on the packaging. This design aids in culinary decision-making, inviting consumers to explore the origins of these flavours. IDELIA transforms everyday meals into gourmet experiences, symbolizing the fusion of thoughtful design with the global language of cuisine.